I am Sarah Ahmed,

a teenager, and not particularly the most co-ordinated one on Earth.

I spent most of my life in sunny England and am now living in the South of India. What a difference!

I mean, from clean roads and pavements, to broken roads and no pavements…. From McDonalds to pani poori!

But you know what?

I like it

Because underneath India’s messy undeveloped exterior, there’s a beautiful interior of love, unity, friendship and hope…. Something that’s getting rarer by the day. Underlying what everyone sees as a rural, unhygienic country, is a haven that I’ve learnt to love.

There’s only one problem….. I’m not exactly up to date with India…

I mean I know absolutely nothing about this new residence of mine……

I’ve started this blog as method of capturing all my moments within this journey and for you guys to get a peak inside the chaos that is my mind (posts won’t always be india related – so don’t be bummed out when you start reading!). Hope you enjoy!



13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Keep swimming sarah. You’ve gotta a long way to go (that was my weak attempt at sounding philosophical, or maybe sounding like a unicorn master) meh. Whateva. Keep doin whateva you’re doin 😀

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